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You are probably asking, why is Dr. Liu asking for donations? Here is the thing, acting is how I envision as a powerful way to help eradicate hateful behaviors in our society. Does that sound strange? Yes, and it is strange because it is rarely done. But can it be done? I believe so.

For those who have read my CV, you would know how serious I am when it comes to art activism. If you have not read my CV, simply browse this document to get a sense of how art activism has been my life-long's work. While I continue to further my career as an actor in film/tv/theater, a professor of race and ethnicity, and a researcher on arts and hate crimes, your support can help ensure the rigor and authenticity of my work. This means that your contributions, even though not tax-deductible, will go directly toward supporting my research and writing. In exchange for your generosity, I am happy to offer my services* for your family, friends, and your organizations.

*Not including the cost of facilities, lodging, transportation or other logistics.

Eradicating Hate Crimes with the Arts

Thank you for your support. Your donation is going directly to Global Cultural Competency, LLC, of which I am the sole member/owner.


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